Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moodle Master Class Sunday 11 July 2010

Today included a number of presentations by Curtis Bonk and Julian Ridden.

Online motivation

He presented 10 ideas that should be considered in online learning and Moodle:
  1. Tone/Climate: Psych Safety, Comfort, Belonging
  2. Encouragement, Feedback: Responsive, Supports
  3. Curiosity: Fun, Fantasy, Control
  4. Variety: Novelty, Intrigue, Unknowns
  5. Autonomy: Choice: Flexibility, Opportunities
  6. Relevance: Meaningful, Authentic, Interesting
  7. Interactive: Collaborative, Team-Based, Community
  8. Engagement: Effort, Involvement, Excitement
  9. Tension: Challenge, Dissonance, Controversy
  10. Yields Products: Goal Driven, Products, Success, Ownership

Hey there good looking

Presentation by Julian: Hey, there, good looking by Julian Ridden.

Main points from this presentation included:
  • engaging students
  • encouraging online teachers to consider given students choice
  • use of various tools in Moodle (e.g., Choice, Dialogue)
Addressing learning styles and diverse learners

Presentation by Curt Bonk

Best Practices 1 - Low-Risk, Low-Cost, Low Time

Presentation by Dr Curtis Bonk

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